Notable Cars completed by BBE

Brett Johnson's 1955 Coupe
Brett Johnson's '55 "Before"
Brett Johnson's '55 After Painting
Brett Johnson's '55 Coupe
Brett's '55, "Crummy Buttons"
Brett Johnson's '55

'60 Cab
Tuna Can Heater repair found in 1972 in '60 Cabriolet
'60 Cab
BBE restored cars winning 1, 2, and 3 in '84 Car Show

T-6 at Pebble Beach
T-6 at Pebble Beach, '98
T-6 at Pebble Beach, rear view
Pebble Beach, '98

Ex-Racecar Restoration, '01
B's 5th Speedster
Bob Dewey's Speedster
Bob Dewey's '58 Speedster (Original Owner)
Convertible D that is now being restored, picture taken Holiday 6, '80

'58 Speedster
Before Crash - '58 Speedster in 1976
'58 Speedster in '79
58' Super done for a Speedster in '78

'62 T-6 Roadster
Finishing door seam of T-6 Roadster
'62 Roadster of Dick Durell in '81

Racecar rebuild
Rebuild of Racecar
Rebuild of Speedster
Old Racecar revival
Old Warrior's Rebuild
About to be passed, '91
Summit Race, '92

Carrera 2 restoration
Carerra 2 "Before"
Carerra 2 being stripped
Metal Finishing - Carrera 2 Cab '90
Carerra 2 on frame jig
Carrera 2 in primer
Motor for Carerra 2
Carrera 2 "After"

Bruce's Racecar and poster child for the BBE logo.
BBE Speedster in Good Company
B's Speedster front
B's Speedster front trunk
B's Speedster front cockpit
B's Speedster front dash